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Marylou Almanzor

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Marylou Almanzor

Doctor of Nursing Practice Candidate at Columbia University, New York
MSN ADMINISTRATION & Critical Care Advanced Nurse Practitioner, CCRNACNP-BC

Mary Lou enjoyed a diverse career in the nursing profession as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), hospital administrator, educator and staff nurse. Marylou began her career upon graduating from William Paterson University, New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She was awarded Miss Philippine Nurse of New Jersey by the Philippine Nursing Association. Marylou was appointed Hospital Nursing Supervisor at an early part of her nursing career. Ms. Almanzor completed her Master in Nursing Administration at Seton Hall University, New Jersey where she was awarded Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Nursing Society Membership and National Collegiate Nursing Award, United States Achievement Academy. Marylou decided to pursue a degree and completed Critical Care Advanced Practice Nursing atColumbia University, New York, where she was awarded Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Nursing Society Membership. Mary Lou continues to receive recognition from several hospitals and national healthcare institutions. She was appointed Hospitalist APN after graduating from Columbia University. Mary Lou is currently enrolled in Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at Columbia University, New York. She specialized in Acute Care Adult-Gerontology. Mary Lou is the current Vice President of Doctoral Student Organization (PhD & DNP).Over the last 18 years, asBoard Certified Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Marylou’s emphasis has been in the areas of Cardio Vascular Electrophysiology, Nephrology and Hemodialysis, Pre-Post Kidney Transplantation and Endocrinology. As Hospitalist-APN in Critical-Care, Emergency Room, Diagnostic Care Unit,Post-Anesthesia Care, Cardiac Step Down, Cardiac Telemetry, Radiology, Medical-Surgical Units, Hemodialysis, Endocrinology, Oncology Infusion/ Transfusion Unit, Internal Medicine in Gero-Psychiatry/Psychiatry Unit, Subacute Rehabilitation, Detox Alcohol & Substance Abuse and Same Day Surgery.Mary Lou presented her scholarly project “Quality Improvement to Reduce Procedure Delays and Improve Patient Satisfaction Using the DMAIC Data-driven Strategy”at the 28th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, Orlando, Florida, December 4- 7, 2016.

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